Consensus In Bloom 2022 has been blooming lovely – winners announced

September 26, 2022

Consensus in Bloom is back, and we’ve been blown away by the vibrant gardens, little sanctuaries of wellbeing, and beautiful arrangements indoor and out – all created for and by the people we support at Consensus.

Having space and time outdoors gives us the opportunity to have fun, enjoy some quiet time, and connect with nature. The positive impact on an individual’s wellbeing from spending time in the garden, growing their own produce, and exercising those green fingers is something that has been clear to see through our annual Consensus in Bloom competition.

We’re delighted to share this year’s winners:

1. Best Garden Transformation

Newlands Cottage impressed the judges with their beautiful, colourful flower displays that really pop.

Weston Villa & Henson Court presented an amazing transformation with their stunning raised beds and garden decorations.

2. Best Indoor Arrangement

Rowan House challenged themselves this year, transforming an unused indoor space into something truly beautiful. Redecorating their indoor balcony area and filling it with plants and relaxing pictures created a calming, sensory environment.

3. Best Nature Garden

Windsor Avenue made sure their garden was welcoming for both the people we support, and the local wildlife too! They created a stunning wildflower garden bursting with colour to attract bees and butterflies, and recycled pallets to build planters.

4. Best Hanging Baskets and Patio Planners

1st Place – Redan and Oban Street really wowed the judges with their handmade planets and bright colourful displays.

Redan St
Oban St

2nd Place – Perrywood created hanging baskets that were vibrant and unique, with a range of different flowers and plants.

3rd Place – The Grange and Tushmore tied for third place, both creating amazing hanging baskets to decorate their outdoor spaces beautifully.

5. Best Sensory Garden

The Grove completely transformed their garden with a makeover that had a real personal touch. New plants and a neat lawn were complimented by an impressive hand-painted mural. Choosing their favourite characters, the people who live at The Grove worked together to design and paint the walls to create a sensory garden they will all enjoy spending time in.

6. Best Home Grown/Allotment

Haydock House got stuck into making and maintaining their new raised beds, with everyone taking real pride in their responsibilities of nurturing their own vegetable patches. They’re already planning the menu from their next harvest, as well as looking forward to quality time being spent together in the garden.

Well done to everyone who got involved. Enjoy your blooming lovely spaces, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with next year!