Consensus colleagues become part of the Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board

October 27, 2017

In the August of 2017 two Consensus colleagues were congratulated on earning their places on the Provider Forum for the Northamptonshire Learning Disability Partnership Board (NLPB).

In order to become Provider representatives on the NLPB, colleagues Debbie Goodman and Michelle Christie from our East Midlands Operations team had to submit an application to be considered for the post.

A couple of weeks after their submission they received an invitation to attend the next Provider Board meeting. They were given just three minutes to deliver their presentation, sharing why they would like to become involved and what they could offer in terms of experience and expertise.

They detailed the support offered through the Consensus services and highlights of being rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC at their most recent inspection.

Finally they invited those present to consider them when voting the next Provider Representatives in post hoping to gain the three votes required to elect them to the Board.

There were three posts available for members to elect and the following criteria must be met as a minimum:

Board members are either:

  1. Elected to represent an area in Northamptonshire or
  2. Been asked to be on the Board because of the job they do or
  3. Chosen to be the Chair or Vice Chair

The role of a Board member is to make sure that people with a learning disability have the same chances in life as everybody else.

Following their comprehensive and compelling presentation the Board made the decision to elect both Debbie and Michelle to the NLPB. Debbie is now the Provider representative for Residential care services and Michelle is the Provider representative for Independent support/care providers.

They have both since attended board meetings with the most recent being on the 14th September, in Northampton.

Consensus are delighted that Debbie and Michelle are to become involved in being a part of the partnership board, particularly as we already have two people supported within our local service who are champions for this board.

So far, in their roles they have met with providers who want share feedback with the board and attended Autism strategy meetings with the local CHG, NHS and local authority on behalf of the LDPB.

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