Community garden party showcases talents

April 27, 2017

Our supported living service in Ipswich recently held their first garden party of 2017. They were delighted to have had a large turnout, including lots of family, friends, social workers and the colleagues from Head Office. Eddie the Operations Director, Adam the Head of Strategy and Operations for the region attended, along with the guests from other local Consensus services,  including our other supported living service in Ipswich and our childrens and young adults service, Belstead Mews and Villa.

Amanda, the previous acting manager of the service and her husband Rob came to help prepare for the BBQ with Rob being placed on BBQ duty.

Many of the supported individuals loved seeing Amanda and Rob again, having built up a really good relationship with them when she was the acting manager for a few months, last year.

The people who live at there had spent the previous week in the sunshine, preparing the garden and doing lots to make it extra special for their guests. They couldn’t wait to show it off!

There was plenty of help from the support team and their families in the garden which made it even more fun, becoming a great team effort. The whole team pulled together and went above and beyond any expectation of them.

Everyone at the service is working together to achieve an outstanding place for supported individuals to live, and through hosting this garden party has been able to show what can be achieved when everyone pulls together in a community that little bit more.

One young man who is supported, who if previously asked to join with others would have refused, delighted this year in joining in with the rest of his housemates these past few weeks. He’s a keen artist and can paint a picture of almost anything, so this became a great opportunity for him to display his art work in the summer house and for everyone to enjoy his pieces. He was very proud to have shown them off.

Some of the other people were supported with their work in the greenhouse growing lots of herbs and vegetables and have become very keen gardeners.

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