Chris heads to the tracks

June 7, 2018

Chris who lives at our supported living service in Corby, Northamptonshire was supported by Erin to take a drive to Nene Valley in his new car.

Chris had chosen where he wanted to drive to and was swift in getting ready to go. He enjoyed the drive over as Erin taken time to create a playlist of his favourites such as Phil Collins and Abba!

Both sang the songs the whole way. When they arrived the first train they saw was a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ train. Chris walked confidentially towards the buildings having decided that he wanted a cup of tea and some cake. He really enjoyed sitting talking to Erin about the trains before they headed out to the platform to have a good look at all the trains waiting at the station.

Chris got to see a range of old trains, whilst sharing with Erin what all the different parts were, such as the coach. Chris felt a little anxious on the platform, but quickly overcame this and moved round to the other side where we could see a train being worked on with someone driving it backwards and forwards down a short piece of track.

Chris also enjoyed looking at the little model village they had set up with a train line running all the way through houses and little hills. They carried on with a walk down to the river which runs next to the train station, looking at the ducks. Once they had seen everything on offer they headed back to Corby, visiting Tesco’s so Chris could purchase a train magazine which had a new DVD attached enabling him to continue his day once home looking at just a few more trains.

Chris really enjoyed his trip and said he would love to go again!

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