Cat’s pride at becoming a voice on the learning disability partnership board

March 5, 2018

Cat Mather, Consensus Service Manager at Belstead Villa in Suffolk was overjoyed when she learnt last week that she was to become a provider board member of the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board (SLDPB). The Board is an independent partnership of advocates, family carers, health and social care commissioners, police, Healthwatch, voluntary organisations and housing providers.

The partnership through their joint knowledge, insight and expertise aim to lead and drive strategy, champion change, share good practice, be creative and support the completion of the Joint Assessment Framework for Suffolk. Their strategy sets out a clear vision on how they will work together, differently, to deliver better outcomes for individuals, meeting statutory obligations and making best use of the rich and diverse assets within the county. The Board meet four times each year.

Cat attended her first partnership board meeting this week and was encouraged by the varied positive conversations, sharing of information and hope that she will be adding hers and that of Consensus’ vital knowledge and experiences for the benefit of people in Suffolk living with a learning disability.

Cat had heard about the SLDPB through the networking groups and forums she was already a member of and had been encouraged to register her interest to become a board member. Cat wishes to support the local strategy by encouraging professionals, families and the community to make the vision a shared reality by prompting open conversation and inspiring others to create change for the better. She is committed to providing relevant insight and experience to the forums and learning from others, ways in which both Consensus and her own service Belstead Villa can benefit people we support.

During this first meeting Cat was invited to share key areas of focus that are being worked on within her service and by Consensus and board members expressed a keen interest in particular areas that will be explored further in future meetings. Cat is immensely proud that Melissa Ferreira, a support worker from her service is also an active member of the partnership’s support workers forum.

Consensus are very proud that our services get involved in their local communities and that we, our colleagues and supported individuals are able, together, to help shape the debates and advocate for  positive change improving lives for people with learning disabilities.

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