Caroline is a shining example for her colleagues

June 21, 2016

Caroline has been the Service Manager at Perrywood House since 2001 supporting 7 adults with PWS, an eating disorder which is accompanied by a range of learning disabilities and behavioural challenges. She has been employed by Consensus in our PWS Services since 1995.

Her Regional Manager said; “I have worked alongside Caroline for almost 20 years and have watched her develop into a first rate service manager admired by those we support, colleagues, peers, parents and regulators.”

Evidence of how she has set the tone and the culture of Perrywood House are obvious in recent feedback questionnaires from people supported, colleagues and parents where one parent wrote:

“We have always been happy with the care given to our son. Over the years with good staff training the service given is excellent, competent and caring. This shows in our son’s happy lifestyle and to our comfort he calls Perrywood ‘home’.”

A member of the team commented “A good strong consistent support team who deliver a person centred approach. The supported individuals that live here are happy and feel safe and are settled. A good support network from senior management.” Another wrote “Caroline my manager is a part of the team and doesn’t make us feel below her. Also very approachable and understanding. I think very highly of her.”

Caroline has become the PWS homes Lead on Person Centred Thinking (PCT) and enthuses others with her passion, knowledge, experience and examples of how PCT can both subtly and dramatically transform people’s lives or important aspects of it. Her presentation to the International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation demonstrated this most vividly as she captivated an audience with her knowledge and desire for placing individuals at the heart of learning disability services.

Caroline encouraged and oversees the paid employment of two Perrywood House’s supported individuals at a busy and thriving builder’s merchants, something previously thought not possible for most adults with PWS. She is a shining example of how to strike the balance between enabling and encouraging individuals, often with a long history of complex needs, to take informed risks whilst ensuring the safety net of support is in place should the risk falter or fail.

Caroline has shaped and influenced the way in which other PWS Homes Service Managers think and implement PCT in their respective services and her team recently nominated her for a national award.

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