Building a hugely rewarding career with Consensus

August 14, 2018

Gokhan Dalkilic has progressed from his role as a Relief Support Worker to Team Leader in just four years within our Prader-Willi Syndrome Service Gretton House, earning, learning and loving what he has and will continue to achieve.

Gokhan Dalkilic, began his career with Consensus at Perrywood House in Kettering in post as a Relief Support Worker before the opportunity to become a full time Support Worker became available at Gretton House, nearby. Wanting a full-time position Gokhan jumped at this opportunity and commenced his journey as a Support Worker at Gretton House back in March 2014.

Gok enjoyed the difference he was able to make in the lives of the supported individuals who live at Gretton House, responsible for empowering them, being inclusive and supportive of their needs within his role as a Support Worker daily.

Gok feels that no matter how small the achievement or need is, it should be celebrated or worked towards and therefore when the position of a Relief Team Leader came about he felt he really wanted to give it a go. Although torn, as he did really enjoy his existing position, Gok applied so that he could develop himself yet further. But what also appealed to him, was the opportunity to support his colleagues as a Team Leader as they worked together towards Consensus’ vision in line with its values, all whilst supporting individuals in the home, and providing the best personalised support possible.

Gok has thoroughly enjoyed his role as Relief Team Leader and so when the retirement a long-standing Team Leader was shared with the team, he had no hesitation in immediately applying for the full-time position at Gretton House.

Gok is delighted to have been successful in his application and is due to commence in his new post of full-time Team Leader towards the end of August 2018, when Team Leader Janet Thomas prepares to step down and enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle after a happy 13 years and 9 months of employment at Gretton House.

The moment that Gokhan realised he wanted to progress within the company was after his very first Ghost shift as a full-time Support Worker when he realised how diverse, challenging and equally rewarding the job had the potential to be. He is very much looking forward to continuing his development and career within Consensus, when the opportunities arise and feels he can positively impact the lives of the people he supports which he finds hugely rewarding.

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