Bringing our printed Quality Report to life through a new, vibrant, video

October 12, 2018

Giving a vibrant, illustrated snapshot of what Quality means to us and how we listen and learn from the people we support to continuously improve.  Hear an open, honest account from our Managing Director and our Expert by Experience (“the voice of Consensus”) on how far we have come together.

Watch the video below:

“We’ve come a long way, but there is still a lot we need to do” – James Allen, Managing Director

Our Quality Report 2017/18 represents the outcome of  hours of commitment and hard work by so many people working within our organisation throughout the year. We are committed to supporting opportunity, choice and success for the individuals we support and our colleagues and recognise that this will only be achieved if we ensure that we constantly review what we do and can evidence a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our team works hard on a number of fronts and achieves high levels of compliance.  We wanted to celebrate this but also wanted to put down a record of what we achieved in 2017/18 – not only to evidence our capability and competency as a provider but also to give confidence and assurance to those who we support and colleagues now and in the future that we have strong governance in place and constantly review what we do.

We know that we do not always get things right and in accordance with our values operate with transparency and integrity to identify where we need to put our efforts going forward.  So our quality report and video shows the progress we have made and the priorities for action this year.

“To where I am now is a lot of achievement because  most of the things I did there I couldn’t do what I am now” – John Leicester, our Expert by Experience.

To download a printed copy of our Quality Report Click here