Blossoming club at De Parys

June 21, 2018

During one of De Parys many inclusive group meetings, the idea of rejuvenating the services backyard started to grow. One individual was particularly interested to get involved as he has a passion for gardening.

Other individuals were not particularly enthusiastic at first, however when the garden started to take shape and look a little more inviting they all became eager participants. Eventually, they had so many involved they decided it would be a great idea to create their very own gardening club.

One colleague, Edward was appointed as Head of the Gardening Club ensuring that all tasks could be allocated appropriately. Together they gathered the materials to build a raised bed adding compost to fill it.

The garden is now starting to take on a whole new feel and is looking altogether happier. The planters have made an extremely colourful contribution to the garden and the individuals are thoroughly enjoying taking care of it.

The support team at De Parys are passionate about the activities they offer people they support and always consider preferences, choices, likes, dislikes and use the goals identified in the person-centred plans for each individual creating and developing opportunities to achieve these.

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