Birds in a Box

July 5, 2018

Andy joined Consensus as a Regional Site Maintenance Officer in January 2017 and since joining the team he has proved to be one of the most adaptable and reliable team members.

Andy works independently with the managers prioritising work which needs to be completed and responding to emergencies as they occur and is always courteous of the needs of the homes and the people who live in them and takes care to involve them whenever possible. This includes working nights to ensure decorating is completed so as not to disturb supported individuals in their daily activities.

Andy recently turned his store cupboard/garage into an accessible work shop and although in its early stages with help he has converted one side of the garage into a wheelchair accessible workshop, with lots of other plans for the summer.

Now with room to move, he has made flat pack bird boxes and is inviting supported individuals and their support colleagues, including Darren to join him in constructing and decorating them.

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