Ben’s evening with Eddie

April 22, 2015

Since moving into The Grange in April 2014, Ben has successfully developed a number of independent living skills in preparation for moving on to supported living accommodation.

Ben has been tending to household domestic duties, helping the support team with the weekly food shop, learning to cook independently in the activities room and generally helping staff at every given opportunity! 

Keen to develop his newfound love of cooking further, Ben recently invited Consensus Operations Director Eddie Morgan to The Grange for dinner; an invitation that Eddie gratefully accepted.  

Ben was extremely excited to meet Eddie and have the opportunity to cook a meal for him and spent some time deciding what to cook, before settling on a menu of Ham & Pea Soup to start, ‘Venice & Veg’ for main course and Rice Pudding for dessert. As part of the preparations, Ben went to the shops with a member of the support team to make sure he had all the right ingredients.  

When the day arrived, Ben successfully cooked his meal in the activities room with minimal help from the team, before they sat and ate together and Ben told to Eddie about different aspects of his life including sports, his hobbies and his plans to move to supported living accommodation.


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