Becky’s Life Changing Experience at Clare House

November 2, 2011

Gretton Homes is owned and operated by Consensus Support services. Clare House is part of the internationally renowned “Gretton Homes Group”, who were the first and still remain the foremost specialist provider of residential care to adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) in the United Kingdom.

Becky’s * life changing experience:

* names have been changed to protect privacy

Prior to admission into Clare House, Becky weighed 20st and 8lb and was struggling with her daily routine, as were her family with the consequences and harsh reality that often accompany a person with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) whose propensity to overeat had been poorly managed. Becky presented several health needs prior to admission which were further compounded by her fragile mental health and low self esteem. Walking and generally moving around was understandably a huge effort and physically draining. Attending to personal care was equally draining to both Becky and her family. She became increasingly socially isolated and was less able to engage with everyday activities as a direct result of her obesity and lack of confidence.

Becky was admitted to Clare House in October 2009 first and foremost to lose weight and thus, improve her overall health and wellbeing; secondly to provide her with a healthy, meaningful and varied lifestyle to provide her with structure, routine and predictability, all crucial in managing people with PWS.
During various meetings both with Becky, her family and the sponsoring authority, Becky agreed to be supported with the Gretton Homes ‘programme’ helping her to manage her PWS in a residential support setting at Clare House.

The Service provided Becky with routine, structure and predictability; evidence has shown that Becky herself and others with PWS thrive upon this. All support was backed by a qualified care team who supported and enabled Becky to gradually lose weight, regain her health and increase confidence and self esteem. A gradual process with compliance of a healthy eating plan, exercise programme and general ‘rules and norms’ of living in a supported setting for adults with PWS has helped Becky to achieve her positive outcome.

In less than two years, Becky, with the support of Clare House has turned her life around. Having lost nearly 10 stone, Becky enjoys horse-riding once a week and volunteers at a local riding school for disabled children.

Looking back, Becky realises that without the support of the team at Clare House her life chances were diminishing almost by the day. She is now supported to live a relatively normal lifestyle and is provided with a safety net should things not go according to plan on any given day.

Becky’s family and social worker have nothing but praise for the way in which she has been supported to get her life back on track.

Clare House will ensure Becky is supported to explore new opportunities and experiences by the support team at Clare House at all times to achieve this.

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