Beaming as burgers make the BBQ

July 31, 2018

Support colleagues at the Brambles in Wellingborough are always very keen to ensure that they are aware of the needs, wishes, and opinions of those they support. In addition to regularly talking with each supported individual to understand their specific needs and aspirations they hold regular house meetings where everyone shares likes, concerns and suggestions on future plans. During one of these meetings recently several people suggested hosting a BBQ as the weather had been glorious and the outdoors space lends itself well to small gatherings.

As they continued discussing the idea they all agreed it would be marvellous to invite family and friends and throw a party.

Individuals were supported to design invitations and post them out to everyone on their guest list and together they agreed what food should be served to ensure that everybody would have choice and variety.

The day came, and everyone was busily getting ready for the big party, putting up gazebo’s and getting tables ready. But in true British fashion the weather then turned grey, cloudy and windy. This however did not dampen The Brambles fighting spirit. Before family and friends arrived, they had moved all the seating indoors, put some music on and got the party going!

Luckily the rain held off, and there were beams all round as they were still able to cook outside on the barbeque.

It was a wonderful event enabling supported individuals to spend time with their families and friends whilst also providing the opportunity to share proudly just how much hard work together they had put into planning and hosting the party.