Aqua-tastic Day!

June 7, 2018

Lee and Chris with support from Erin, Keira and Deborah enjoyed a day in Skegness during November.

The journey was full of laughs the entire way. Lee was excited to see all the farm land and tractors and Chris really enjoyed seeing all the caravans and train stations along the way. Chris sang along to his favourite music which, which consisted of a great mix of Abba, Queen, Elvis and other artists he had selected for the playlist prior to the trip.

Once in Skegness and in high spirits they went to a café for lunch. The highlight for Lee was that a group of bikers dressed in their helmets and leathers sat on a table nearby.

Next on the itinerary was a walk to the aquarium, something Lee had very much been looking forward to. But before going on in they took a quick detour to the sea front to view the sea and the beach. Both guys fully enjoyed seeing the waves and the sand.

Once in the aquarium Lee and Chris went straight to see the adult sea lions. Lee was quick to have everyone count them as the surfaced to the water, moving on then to the crocodile house, passing some small birds in a cage, which Chris loved.

Lee had noticed a Meerkat through a window, burrowing in the sawdust, which he likened to when he is doing his own garden at home. It was very dark in the crocodile house with music playing but both Chris and Lee were unfazed, heading straight for the turtles, followed by a quick look at a very large snake skeleton. They crossed over the crocodiles on a wooden bridge, without any trouble at all, and enjoyed seeing some massive carp, as they swam about.

Next stop the penguins and then onto a petting area for smaller animals such as rabbits and goats. Both Lee and Chris gently stroked a goat on the head and found it funny. Lee loved the Alpacas.

In need of a rest everyone headed to the butterfly house taking a seat on one of the benches whilst admiring the butterflies fluttering around them.

On the way out they visited the gift shop where Lee and Chris purchased a few items. The last area to explore was the fish tanks where Chris found some real life clown fishes which he loved matching to one of his new purchases.

The trip home was nice and relaxed both of them enjoying talking about all the things they got up to on their day trip to Skegness!

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