Whatever your aspirations, we’re here to support your career journey as an Apprentice

Whether you’re interested in Care and Support, Team Leadership, Management or Head Office Functions such as HR, Administration, Marketing, Finance – we have something to interest you and help you to progress within your career.

Here at Consensus, our apprentices come from all walks of life. You may be a returning parent, school leaver, or just someone wanting a change in career. We don’t look for a particular type of person or specific experience.

What matters is your attitude and eagerness for learning. In return we guarantee you recognised academic or vocational qualifications, hands-on training and real work experience where you can make a valued contribution whilst earning a competitive salary within a fantastic environment.

So ………. the Advantages of being an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes which give you a chance to work (literally) towards a qualification. They help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the sector. Getting into employment earlier means there’s lots of potential for you to progress in your career quickly. You can also begin to earn a good salary much earlier on in your life.

Apprenticeships give you fantastic experience in the sector and show Consensus that you can ‘hit the ground running’. Hands-on training gives you a real chance to put your skills into practice and helps you to gain more confidence in the working environment.

You earn while you learn. That’s right! No student loans, no tuition fees and, hopefully, no debt.  Remuneration is above the average Government recommended Apprenticeship wage rate. You’ll be paid a salary by Consensus and we pay for your qualification… furthermore, you will be paid the wage rate as any other new employees into that role and for that location.

Choice? We provide around 17 different types of apprenticeships, So whether you’re looking for a career in direct support i.e. as a Support Worker, HR, Finance, Marketing etc we may have something for you!

Apprenticeships offer a varied learning experience. You won’t spend all of your days studying; most of the time you’ll be working, gaining knowledge and experience actually doing the job

and the Disadvantages?

None! There are no disadvantages to joining Consensus on an Apprenticeship.

How often can we say there are no down sides to an amazing opportunity which could take you on the most rewarding and exciting career journey possible?


Benefits at a Glance

Read our brochure to find out the fantastic range of benefits on offer to our apprentices.



Meet our Apprentice

Chelsea Attridge, aged 20, began an Apprenticeship at Moor Lane in September 2019. As a young carer for her mum, she had always had an interest in adult social care and was keen to combine studying for a professional qualification while also gaining experience in a real-world social care environment.







What happens when you finish your apprenticeship?

We want for you to see your employment with Consensus Support as a career, therefore your growth and development is as important to us as it is to you! Whether you want to remain in one role and become the best you can be or progress within the business we will support you.

Our career ladder will help you to decide which pathway you want to consider and offers great career development opportunities. Or if you have a desire to progress and gain further knowledge and qualifications, we offer Apprenticeships in over 17 different subjects.

As your career progresses you will be given the opportunity to attend further training and development courses to give you the skills to grow within your role or progress towards one of our Developing Leadership training programmes.

Qube Award


Qube Learning is one of England’s longest-serving independent training providers specialising in Apprenticeships, Traineeships, short courses for jobseekers and eLearning solutions. These projects are funded through over £10M worth of direct contracts held with the Government’s Education & Skills Funding Agency and Apprenticeship Levy-paying Employers in England. Each year the organisation hold an Awards Ceremony to emphasise the importance of student’s achievements by way of recognition and celebration for their hard work, achievement, passion and dedication. We were delighted in 2020 to win  ‘Macro Employer of The Year’ Award jointly with Caring Homes (prior to our de-merger from the Caring Homes Group in March 2020).