Appointment of Inclusion Lead

May 31, 2011

At Consensus we are passionate about ensuring that all the people we support are treated first and foremost as citizens. As part of this commitment we’ve appointed a specialist Inclusion Lead, to ensure that equality and inclusion are central to all our services.

Taking on this unique and important role is Eleanor Chapman (Ellie), an experienced service manager from West Sussex. Ellie will work closely with both staff and the people they support, to ensure everyone is encouraged and enabled to access the community, education, employment and everyday activities.

By talking through people’s experiences of their service and the support they receive, Ellie will drive Person-Centred Planning throughout Consensus. She will work directly with service users and everyone who supports them, to create plans that set clear goals for people, establishing their future support needs and encouraging them to develop their skills through a broad range of activities.

As Inclusion Lead, Ellie will represent the interests of all the people we support and guarantee that tailored individual support is always our top priority. Her appointment is a key step on our journey to ensuring that service users have the maximum involvement in how we structure and run our organisation and bring our promise “Supporting Opportunity, Choice and Success” to life.

Ellie comments:
“I am delighted to be leading the drive at Consensus to ensure that inclusion is a central part of everything we do. The people we support deserve every opportunity to be active members of the community, with access to education, employment and fulfilling activities. I am looking forward to working closely with service users to enable them to steer this process.”