Amy’s Story

May 9, 2012

When Amy first arrived at Aldeburgh House she had many positive life goals in mind, but had not previously received the support she needed to achieve them. Living with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS), Amy would eat to excess, was attracted to unhealthy foods and was unable to control these compulsions.

Amy’s open and trusting nature put her at risk of exploitation and financial abuse. She struggled to manage her medication and personal hygiene, putting her at risk of serious illness. She also had trouble maintaining positive relationships with family and friends, as she did not have strategies in place to manage anger and anxiety when communicating. Before moving to Aldeburgh House, the home’s Manager met with Amy, her family and her existing support network to discuss and agree upon the positive outcomes she wanted to achieve. Amy was then supported by her new team to apply a range of measures to help achieve her goals.

Amy is supported to create a healthy menu plan every week and to make shopping lists with healthier options for her to stick to when shopping. Visual aids and prompts have been developed to assist with meal preparation, with a focus on reducing sugar content and introducing more fruit and vegetables. Amy is always accompanied when in the kitchen to help with the choice of healthy ingredients.

Regular exercise now plays a key role in Amy’s life. Working with her support team, Amy is able to understand her broader health needs, including regularly taking medication and improving personal hygiene. All of these measures have contributed to a substantially improved sense of wellbeing, which has led to improved relationships with family and friends. She has worked diligently to put coping strategies in place for when she feels stressed or upset, which has had a similar positive impact on personal communication.

After only six months at Aldeburgh House, Amy is making strong progress. Milestone achievements have included losing over a stone in weight and seeing a real improvement in family relationships. With the support of her care team, family and friends Amy is looking forward to the future with real confidence.

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