All aboard with the Ladybird Trust

November 14, 2017

On a fine autumn day David, Matthew, Garfield, Gurveer and Jameel from Heatherington House travelled to Huntingdon in convoy. Armed with their packed lunches they were all looking forward to their day trip. They were heading out to spend some time on board a canal boat owned by the Ladybird Trust.

On arrival at the boat they were all greeted and shook the captain’s hand!

Supporting on the trip were James, Yvonne and Diane. Diane commented that the Ladybird Trust staff were attentive and interacted wonderfully with the people we support. They amazingly spotted five Kingfishers!

David stated; “It was a magical day” and cannot wait until the next time. Garfield was a little apprehensive to start but with support he gained confidence and ventured outside on the deck of the boat, he also commented he would like to go again along with Matthew.

Gurveer stood proud on deck and Jameel took it all in his stride joining Gurveer on deck and checking everything out.

Annette from The Ladybird Trust stated what a fantastic group of individuals that attended the event. She commented that they do not usually give comments on the groups that attend, but the people from Heatherington House had made an impact on them, and they felt they had to call and give their comments.

Annette said that she could tell immediately that the people we support are well stimulated and attend a lot of activities. Annette also stated that the group was the best group they have had on the trip and commented on the rapport the support team had with the people they were supporting. She added they were a pleasure to have on their boat and cannot wait until they book again in the spring.

Annette said she felt it necessary to call and tell us how wonderful she thought the day was.

She was thanked for her positive feedback.

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