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June 7, 2018

The Rivers have had a busy few months and we thought it would be good to share what they’ve been doing. Here Eliza Gibbons, Manager of the service talks about some of the wonderful activities they have been supporting.

“We supported three individuals to take holidays this year and another on a day out in London, whilst it’s been busy we have been favoured with some wonderful weather which has made all of the trips much easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Craig went to the Isle of Wight in May for four nights. He had a fab time, he went to the zoo, on the ferry, on a chair lift and swimming. Craig had never been on a chair lift or a ferry, so these two exciting activities were very new to him and as you can see from the photos he appeared to enjoy them. When visiting the zoo not only did he go looking for treasure he also undertook a Meerkat experience, brushed a donkey and again these were two very new activities for him that he enjoyed. The holiday was an absolute success and the colleagues that supported him said they had never seen Craig as happy as he was whilst away.

We also supported Sophie on a spa weekend in October. Sophie use the sauna, steam room and the Jacuzzi, finishing it all off with a PJ’s and movie night in her hotel room which she thoroughly enjoyed. Sophie was supported 1:1 and colleagues said that Sophie really came out of herself and was chatting most of the night as well as enjoying the film the hotel had put on for them.

We also took Matthew on holiday to Centre Parcs at for three nights and again this was his first holiday with support. He tried many activities. The one that the team said stood out, was his tree climbing experience, which he loved and although at times it took him a while to comprehend what he had to do, he pretty much finished the whole course. This is a massive achievement for Matthew. He then went on the zip wire which was new experience followed by the rapids which again he really enjoyed and didn’t want to come away from. Colleagues said the walks in Centre Parcs were gorgeous and Matthew went out every day for a good hour long walk. Matthew went on a boat on the river as well as going into the arcades to play on the machines and the team said they have never heard Matthew as quiet and content as he was whilst on his holiday.

We took another supported individual to the London Eye for the day. He thoroughly enjoyed his day and said the London eye was one of the best things he had ever done even though he wasn’t keen on the height. He also enjoyed eating out in London despite all the people and busy atmosphere going on around him.

Involving everyone we hosted a Macmillan coffee morning, at the service, which raised £156.73 and although it wasn’t a great turn out the effort from those that did attend was outstanding. We would like to thank everyone that attended and made donations.

Lastly, we purchased a hot tub for the garden for all the supported individuals to use and as you can see from the photo this is something they all enjoyed throughout the warmer months.

Contributed by Eliza, The Rivers

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