Supported Living

Bedford, Bedfordshire

Located in a village near Bedford, the service consists of seven self-contained flats with far reaching countryside views. As part of Consensus Community Support Limited, we provide an enhanced level of support for individuals with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge.


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This helps those with particularly complex needs to further develop their independence skills while building a fulfilling life as part of the community. Each individual has their own tenancy, but also a person-centred support plan and a support team assigned to them. Support is provided on a one to one basis tailored to their bespoke needs and how they want to live their life.

Support can cover any aspect of a person’s life, from support with on-going education and skills development to managing finances and participating in leisure and work opportunities. Extra help can be provided with daily living tasks like cleaning and cooking so individuals have confidence in the day to day running of their home.

There are also two shared floating staff who are available to offer additional assistance to any of the individuals living at the service at very short notice giving added peace of mind to respond to challenges which may arise.

Our Tizard Centre Positive Behaviour Intervention Team are also on hand to assist with the planning of day to day support and to help work with behaviours that may be holding people back from fulfilling their potential.

The service is particularly appropriate for individuals who are leaving hospital settings and need an intensive level of support to ensure that their transition into the community is a safe and sustainable one.

Supported Living Services

  • Supported Living service for adults – male and female
  • 7 self-contained 1 bedroom flats

Call: 0808 223 5320


  • Access to the local community
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Self-contained flats
  • Support in Positive Behavioural Intervention
  • Work opportunities

We are 95% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential and supported living care (Figure stated as at October 2022)

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Omobola Ojo, Community Support Manager - Supported Living Bedford



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Views & Opinions

“Yes they (the staff) are very nice and kind.”

Supported Individual – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - November 2018

“(Person) has made more progress in Valley House than in any other place. They treat each person as an individual.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

“The staff are very good- they know (person) through and through. The staff have been excellent and made (person) very comfortable – I have no complaints.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

“We used to get so many phone calls when we were away but not anymore. (Person) deals so much better with changes to their routines. It is such good progress.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

“We tap in to ideas for individuals from their parents and speak to them about working in peoples best interests.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

“When person is showing behaviour it might be frustration due to communication. I try and find out what is wrong, understand it and put in place things to reduce their anxiety.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

“We promote independence here.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018

”The goal here is for people to be as independent as possible, have an increased presence in the community and have a great quality of life.”

Operations Manager – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – November 2018