Polwell Lane


Polwell Lane is a modern, five bedroom bungalow in Kettering providing a residential service for individuals with learning disabilities and complex needs including epilepsy. Some individuals also have physical disabilities and visual impairments.


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The bungalow is light and spacious and has a large, well maintained outside space and barbeque patio area. There is a caring, supportive, positive atmosphere at Polwell Lane and each person living there is supported to achieve their goals and aspirations and live their life the way they want to.

There is a big focus on social and leisure activities. Individuals enjoy social evenings with family members and plan lots of activities in the home. There are plenty of options for leisure pursuits nearby including swimming, sailing, ice skating, going to the theatre, leisure centre and local parks. Polwell Lane is ideally placed for good train and bus access to Kettering, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

We place great importance on helping people learn new skills and to take an active interest in the running of the home with their own areas of responsibility. This helps improve daily living skills and confidence and as greater independence is achieved we update support plans with the individual to make sure we are maximising their choices and opportunities.

Individuals also enjoy helping choose the décor for their home and their rooms. Some people also attend the local college to study hobbies or learn new skills.

Transition into the home is carefully planned at the individual’s own pace and we encourage other people living there to share their experiences.

Friends and family are always welcome and join events and activities as well as visiting their loved one.

Residential Services

  • Residential service for adults – male and female
  • 5 bedrooms with en-suites
  • Wheelchair accessible

Call: 0808 223 5320
Email: enquiries@consensussupport.com


  • Access to the local community
  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Patio
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Shops close by

We are 95% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential and supported living care (Figure stated as at October 2022)

Views & Opinions

“[Name of registered manager] insists that everyone in the home is treated as an individual. Communication with our loved one is not easy but all the staff seem to be able to communicate with them and understand them. We consider [Name of person] needs are being met as much as possible.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – March 2018

“We know this is now [Name of relative] home. It was a stroke of good fortune that this service came along. [Name of registered manager] knows [relative] better than we do now.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – March 2018

“It is a very good service; it’s a small family unit. I am very happy with it.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – March 2018

“I feel fully involved with [Name of relative] care; [Name of registered manager] keeps me informed and we speak often.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – March 2018

“[Name of person] chooses their own clothes by pushing away the options they are given until they decide which top they want to wear.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018

“This is a great place to work; we look after people well and provide good care.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018

“[Name of registered manager] door is always open, they are fair and encourage us to contribute our ideas at team meetings.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018

“Person- centred care was at the heart of everything. People were treated as individuals and their human rights were protected.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018

“The registered manager told us how important it was to motivate and stimulate people and ensure they got as many opportunities, which could enrich their lives. We saw many photographs of people taking part in activities, which helped remind them of the things they had done and share their experiences with their families and friends.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018

“The staff were very proactive in coming up with ideas for people to try new experiences. They were innovative in the way they communicated their ideas to people. For example, when it had been suggested that chair yoga might be good, photographs had been taken to show people.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - March 2018