Heatherington House

Kettering, Northamptonshire

Heatherington House is a bright, homely Victorian building located in Kettering, Northamptonshire, providing  support and accommodation for eight adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).


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There are eight bedrooms, seven are en-suite and one has its own private bathroom. The communal areas including the lounge and dining room are newly decorated and the pleasant garden is paved with flower beds and has a seating area for BBQ’s in the summer.

The team at Heatherington help the people they support to become as independent as possible. They support them to increase their confidence with daily living skills – from making a cup of tea to washing and ironing and using public transport.

They also encourage individuals to be active in their local community and the service has its own transport and good links to local public transport. The focus is on providing opportunities and choices and helping people try new things.

Some individuals have joined a local football team and play in tournaments and others enjoy educational courses at The Kettering Centre. The team have strong links with local charity shops offering opportunities for voluntary work placements.

Many activities take place within the service such as board games, computer games and planning and cooking meals from different cultures.

Socialising is a big part of life at Heatherington and fun, seasonal events are held regularly throughout the year.

Residential Services

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) Service
  • Residential service for adults – male only
  • 8 bedrooms (7 en-suite and 1 private bathroom)

Call: 0808 223 5320
Email: enquiries@consensussupport.com


  • Access to the local community
  • En-suite bedrooms
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Work opportunities

We are 96% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential care (Figure stated as at October 2019)

Views & Opinions

Since new management, the service has improved no end. My son is so much happier and settled. He has a balanced life and enjoys a variety of activities. He has a paid job in which he is doing very well. He has lots of friends and enjoys socialising which he has plenty of opportunity for. He is very excited about going on holiday to Portugal and has been counting the days. All the staff do an excellent job. I have peace of mind knowing my son is safe and happy.

Mother of supported individual - September 2017

Great atmosphere. Happy staff. Happy residents. Lots of activities.

Brother of supported individual - September 2017

The house staff are very friendly and professional. Resident has continued to achieve and highly maintain his physical health by keeping the weight off. He has lost well over 30kg in weight and is looking excellent! He is supported with working and socially. He has developed confidence and is happy. Never complains. I am truly grateful to all the staff for their support. Thank you.

Mother of supported individual - September 2017

My son has been a resident at Heatherington House for many years. He has been well cared for during his stay. He is encouraged to maintain a steady healthy weight which was the key factor in his placement. He is encouraged to exercise regularly and maintain his fitness level. He also has voluntary occupations which he enjoys. Over the last few years, he has become more independent with activities of daily living due to staff encouragement. I can’t praise them too highly for their support to my son and to the family.

Mother of supported individual - September 2017

Lot more independent holidays. Trips out and staff are very helpful most of the time.
Friends walk and I’m doing own medication and being able to choose where we go on holiday.
Having my room decorated and I have my own chair in my room that I worked on.
Cooking in the kitchen, discos, karaoke and bingo.

Individual we support - August 2017

Our son has been at Heatherington House from the age of 18. He’s now 35. A few years ago a new manager arrived and the difference in the overall improvement of the management and in our son is striking. He is very happy and confident now and enjoys living at Heatherington House. The manager and her team have created a homely, caring atmosphere. Also, communication with all staff is excellent and they always make time to discuss how our son is getting on.
Our son has moved to another bedroom which has been decorated to his personal taste, with which he is very happy. Staff work hard and always go the extra mile to encourage our son to keep busy and active; he takes part in a variety of meaningful activities and is given many new opportunities. He is more involved and completes regular jobs such as cooking and cleaning, which he loves doing. A lot of attention has been given to improving the house décor and cleanliness and it has been given a more homely feel.

Mother of supported individual - August 2017

I like going on holiday with the staff. I like going to the yard disco. I like spending time with my girl friend. I like going to the cinema and cultural meals, going to the gym. My weight is very good.

Individual we support - August 2017

Heatherington House is a recommended place to live in. It is a very good place for other PWS persons to come and decide to live in the future. Staff are very supportive and give friendly advice and also caring. I have lost amount of weight and I have a very good health.

Individual we support - August 2017

We do lots of cooking. We go out for cultural meals. We go to discos and holidays. The staff are nice and friendly and they keep me safe. I have nice friends and we spend time together. I enjoy bingo. I have won £250. I am very independent and go to work. I am happy to live here.

Individual we support - August 2017

Staff help me and care for me. The other residents are my friends. We do lots of activities, such as karaoke. I like to play snooker. We have a television in the lounge. I get taken bowling and I play on my Xbox.

Individual we support - August 2017

Heatherington House is a wonderful home to live at, for it brings every enjoyment and every single day of our PWS lives, every single year. The staff are all brilliant for they help us a great deal with our eating disorder to thoroughly brighten each day of our lives of a resident who lives his or her life with PWS.

Individual we support - August 2017

The change in care and day to day running of Heatherington House in the last 2-3 years is amazing. I have been most impressed by the care and attention given to my son. He is far happier and engaged with staff and other residents than before with the arrival of the new manager and her team. At one time my son was intent on leaving Heatherington because he was unhappy with his life there. This resulted in him more than once running away.

Now my son thoroughly enjoys his jobs and social life and is extremely happy with his situation. He is encouraged to use his skills, e.g. he plans and cooks a meal for the entire house which gives him great confidence and pleasure. The house itself is also greatly improved with the bedroom decor individually designed for each resident. It is also much cleaner and very well run. Many thanks to the manager and the team.

Father of supported individual - August 2017

Our son has been a resident of Heatherington House for three years. In this time he has received the best of support and assistance, when he needs help the staff are always ready with support and care. All members of staff from the management to the support workers are well trained and support our son with a complete person centred care package. Our son is in a safe, loving, caring home, this helps us with our peace of mind. Our son receives assistance with his A.D.C.S when required and this has enabled him to live a happy confident life. Thank you to all staff.

Father of supported individual - July 2017

I enjoy living here. Food good. Activities are fun. Feel safe and staff care about me. We have a laugh together. I have made some nice friends.

Individual we support - June 2017

As parents, we are simply delighted with having found this home for our son. He could not be more happy. It has been life changing for him, both physically and mentally. Our son is a sociable person and this feels just like a family home which is exactly what we wanted for him. He is enjoying life to the full within the limits of his syndrome. We could not have wished for a better place for him.

Father of supported individual - May 2017

Always made to feel very welcome. Facilities are first class and very clean. The staff are a credit to the house. The activities for the residents are excellent.

Friend of supported individual - November 2016

Since my son came to Heatherington, he has thrived in many ways, became more independent and confident as well as reaching his weight loss goal and maintaining his ideal weight. The facilities are lovely and very welcoming and staff are fantastic, providing a relaxed, secure and friendly environment as well as excellent activities for all the residents. Overall Heatherington is a first class service always going the extra mile for the residents.

Mother of supported individual - November 2016

The staff at the home have supported my son for 11 years. They have been consistently very good over all that time. They treat him as an individual not just as a person with Prader-Willi Syndrome. His weight is excellent and therefore he is able to join in all the activities he enjoys eg walking. He is encouraged to try different skills and has made much progress over the years in becoming more independent.

Mother of supported individual - July 2016

My son has had new experiences e.g flying, staying in hotels, friends and work experience.

Mother of supported individual - February 2016

My son is very happy living at Heatherington House. He has an active life and joins in many activities that keep him busy. He comes home to visit regularly and the staff are happy to transport him. All of his medical needs are dealt with quickly and I am kept informed. He went on holiday abroad last year and he is hoping to go again and is looking forward to many other activities he is planning with support form the staff. So long as he is happy, we are happy.

Mother of supported individual - January 2016

We have been very pleased with the care provided to our son since the new management. Attention has been paid to curbing his use of cigarettes, which was excessive. This has been difficult but it has been managed to some extent. Also, staff are trying hard to find him paid, (part time) employment.
He is looking forward to visiting Poland, with his key worker in 2016.

Mother of supported individual - January 2016

Staff help me with things and I know if I need anything they will be there for me; that makes me feel safe.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

There are lots of them here, we get to go out when we want to and they always help us. There are enough of them for us all.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

They know what help I need and understand my condition. I get all the right help.

Individual we support -- quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

I like all the staff here, they do so much for me and have really helped me since I have come.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

I really do care about the people I support; they are like my extended family. I worry about them when I am not here and am always looking forward to hearing what they have been up to if I have had a day off.

Consensus colleague – quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

They could not be better, I am really happy, it could not be better than this.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

I have lots of things that I want to achieve and they help me with that. I have been abroad and on lots of outings to places I really wanted to go.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

Staff are very helpful towards getting our independence. I have achieved a paid job which I had never given a chance in my old place.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

F went on holiday abroad last year and he is hoping to go again and is looking forward to many other activities he is planning with support from the staff.

Relative – quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

We really want to make sure that we are as person centred as we can be. If people say they want to do something, then we make every effort to help them to do that thing.

Consensus colleague – quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016

I like living here, staff are helpful and kind and they go out of their way to make sure we get the best out of our lives.

Individual we support - quote from CQC inspection report - July 2016