Heather Holmes

Desborough, Kettering

Heather Holmes is a pleasant character house in Desborough, near Kettering providing a residential service for individuals with learning disabilities. Some individuals also have additional physical disabilities and mobility issues.


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The caring, supportive team ensure a friendly and welcoming environment. The focus is on supporting life-long learning, development and independence to help individuals achieve the goals that are important to them.

The ground floor has eight bedrooms and the team provide intensive support for individuals with more complex needs and who may be less able. The upstairs consisting of three bedrooms is suitable for people who have developed greater independence and wish to experience more independent living.

A ground floor one bedroom self-contained flat provides the opportunity for an individual to have their own living space within the safety of a residential setting but with access to others living at the home. Wheelchair accessible, with access to the garden, the flat provides the perfect stepping stone towards more independent living. Many social activities take place such as BBQs, movie and pamper nights, football tournaments and parties and family members are always welcome.

The team also encourage individuals to enjoy all the leisure and social amenities in nearby Kettering and Northampton and there are excellent local transport links to facilitate this. Some individuals also engage in work opportunities in the local community.

Great importance is placed on learning daily living skills and helping everyone to take an interest in the running of the home where individuals have their own responsibilities.

Residential Services

  • Residential service for adults – male and female
  • 12 bedrooms
  • Wheelchair accessible

Call: 0808 223 5320
Email: enquiries@consensussupport.com


  • Access to the local community
  • BBQ
  • Communal areas
  • Flat
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Work opportunities

We are 95% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential and supported living care (Figure stated as at October 2022)

“We thank the CQC for their report and have accepted its findings. As reflected in the report, we have identified areas for improvement. We have an action plan in place and required improvements are being made.
We are pleased that CQC identified that Heather Holmes is caring, responsive and effective, stating that people were supported to enjoy maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way and in their best interests. We are also pleased to note relatives told CQC that staff listen to their views, actively encourage their loved ones to make decisions and actively promote their independence.
During the inspection, CQC identified that the service was caring and observed many positive interactions between staff and the individuals we support. CQC noted that relatives confirmed that their loved ones were always treated with dignity and respect and felt well cared for.
CQC also identified that the service was responsive, stating that staff were very passionate and knowledgeable about the needs of the people at the service and that care was shaped around their needs and preferences.
We are also pleased to note that relatives and a community professional spoke positively about the overall quality of the care provided and described an inclusive culture and open communication within the service. Individuals we support, and relatives also told CQC they would have no hesitation in recommending the home to friends and family.
Our challenge is to ensure that we can consistently deliver and evidence that we are achieving the highest standards. The team at Heather Holmes are committed to every aspect of the services we provide being at a consistently high-quality level. We look forward to welcoming the CQC on their return visit, at which time we are confident that improvements will be evidenced.”


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Views & Opinions

“I trust the staff, they are kind.”

Supported Individual – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“We eat healthy, I like a healthy diet, I like salads, pasta, sweetcorn and tuna. I get to choose and do cooking and I like the Sunday dinners.”

Supported Individual – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“I’m satisfied there is enough staff at the service. I’ve visited in the evenings and at weekends, certainly frequently at the beginning of the support, definitely enough staff.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“I’ve been at mealtimes, people are well supported by staff and snacks are also offered throughout the day. A ‘snack of the day’ is advertised on the wall, so everyone also knows what day of the week it is. On occasion, my relative has asked for something else to what everyone else in the service is having and staff have ensured they have got it.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“I’ve seen staff in action and they are always about encouraging, giving people choices. Even when they cannot make an informed decision. They give them the chance to make up their minds up at the time.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“They are just very supportive of me as a family member, as it can be very upsetting, and all of the staff have taken the time, and all been very nice to me.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“The new manager appears very supportive of staff and very proactive in meeting service user’s needs.”

Community Professional – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“I now wake up and look forward to coming to work.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“I think the home is well run, the management are supportive and any problems we can go to them.”

Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019

“[Registered manager] has given me the opportunity to learn at my own pace, they’re always checking I am ok and want to know how I learn best, I love it here.”


Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – August 2019