Grammar School House

Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex

Grammar School House is a caring, nurturing residential service in the pleasant village of Earls Colne near Colchester providing support for individuals with learning disabilities, autism, complex health needs including epilepsy. Some individuals may also have additional physical disabilities.


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There is a warm, positive, homely atmosphere at Grammar School. The long-standing, caring and supportive team ensure a person-centred approach to support individual’s bespoke and often complex health and physical needs. They are trained in PEG feeding and how to act in the event of an individual having a severe epileptic seizure.

The home is made up of two bungalows, each with six bedrooms and is wheelchair accessible to support people with additional physical disabilities. There are also pleasant outside areas and gardens around the property.

Individuals living at Grammar School are supported to achieve their goals and aspirations and to lead a full and active life as part of their local community. There is easy access to the nearby large town of Colchester with its many leisure and social activities and there are transport facilities on site to enable people to enjoy the hobbies and interests important to them.

We place great importance on helping people learn new life skills and to take an active interest in the running of the home with their own areas of responsibility. This helps improve daily living skills and confidence and as greater independence is achieved we update support plans with the individual to make sure we are maximising their choices and opportunities. Some people also enjoy local work opportunities.

Visits from family and friends are actively encouraged and in the summer months there are annual BBQs for all to enjoy.

Residential Services

  • Residential service for adults – male and female
  • 12 bedrooms – split across two bungalows
  • Wheelchair accessible

Call: 0808 223 5320


  • Access to the local community
  • Ground floor
  • Hoist equipment
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Shops close by

We are 95% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential and supported living care (Figure stated as at October 2022)

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Views & Opinions

“I trust the staff here… most relaxed I have ever been…very safe, caring place to be.” Another said, “Staff know [family member], just the whole thing makes me feel secure, I never make an appointment just turn up.”

Relative - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“Always see the same members of staff.”

Healthcare Professional - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“I feel I have been really lucky coming [to work] here… team work is really good here.”


Consensus Colleague - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“Are caring all the time…It feels like a family environment…like being in a normal household…they [staff] are here because they want to be, not just for a salary.”

Relative - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“Staff are very passionate about clients and client’s needs…very dedicated.”

Healthcare Professional - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“Lovely settling in programme, once settled in just becomes another member of the family, there are no barriers.”

Relative - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“Evidence speaks for itself.” Staff were supporting people with complex needs and, “They manage everything very well.”

Healthcare Professional - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019

“I would recommend …very, very happy with the excellent service.”

Relative - Quote from CQC Inspection Report - July 2019