Supported Living

Liss, Hampshire

A pleasant supported living service in Liss, Hampshire provides seven self-contained one bedroom flats supporting adults with learning disabilities and additional complex needs in a supported living setting.


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We support individuals who have developed more independent living skills and who don’t need full residential support. Whilst in a shared environment, there is a person centred approach for each individual where support is tailored to their specific needs.

The focus will be on supporting individuals towards greater independence and to lead active, meaningful, fulfilling lives in their local community.

We place great importance on helping people learn new skills by encouraging them to take an active interest in the running of the home with their own areas of responsibility. This helps improve daily living skills and confidence and as greater independence is achieved we update support plans with the individual to make sure we are maximising their choices and opportunities.

Every individual will have a bespoke support package and a person centred plan based on choices about how they want to live their life and having opportunities that support their goals and aspirations. The support provided will include all aspects of a person’s life from their health and well-being to education and skills development, day activities and employment with a focus on developing and maintaining relationships.

The team actively support individuals living at this service to become part of the local community. Nearby Liss has many amenities including cinema, shopping, a library, cinema, cafes, restaurants and many other facilities. There are good transport links near to the home to support people to get out and about.

Friends and family are always welcome to visit and join in events and activities.

Supported Living Services

  • Supported Living service for adults – male and female
  • 7 self-contained 1 bedroom flats

Call: 0808 223 5320


  • Access to the local community
  • Adaptable to meet individualised needs
  • BBQ
  • Pleasant gardens
  • Self-contained flats
  • Shops close by
  • Work opportunities

We are 95% compliant across inspectorate bodies, CQC, Ofsted, The Care Inspectorate Wales and The Scottish Care Inspectorate for residential and supported living care (Figure stated as at October 2022)

“As ever, the constructive comments of the CQC are welcomed and as reflected in the report, we have identified areas for improvement. We have an action plan in place and necessary improvements are being made.
We are pleased to note that CQC identified that people were supported by staff who were kind and caring and that staff were observed treating people equally, with compassion. People told CQC they were happy being supported by East Hill Place and they felt safe living at the service.
We are also pleased that CQC identified that staff demonstrated a good knowledge of people and their support needs and had a good understanding of person-centred care. People had access to a range of activities and were supported to maintain links with the community and the people who were important to them.
Our challenge is to ensure that we can consistently deliver and evidence that we are achieving the highest standards. The team at East Hill Place are committed to every aspect of the services we provide being at a consistently high-quality level. We look forward to welcoming the CQC on their return visit, at which time we are confident that improvements will be evidenced.”

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Annette Glennie, Community Support Manager - Supported Living Liss


Views & Opinions

“Communication between ourselves, the Manager and key workers is open and supportive and their motto is ‘they never give up’ and they don’t! We are always kept informed of new strategies and ideas that address my sons behaviours, they don’t just baby sit him, they are constantly engaging him.”

Relative – Consensus Feedback – November 2020

“My son has severe Autism and for the last 18 months has resided in supported living at East Hill Place near Petersfield in Hampshire. I have to say that not only is he coping well but has made some extremely encouraging steps towards independence which is due to the tireless efforts and patience of the staff and more importantly the excellent management team that run the place.”

Relative – Consensus Feedback – November 2020

“[Person] is very difficult to engage, in his last residence he did not leave for four years, within a week and a half of being with Consensus they went for a drive, to the dentist and to the shop.”

Relative – Quote from CQC Inspection Report – October 2019

“Yes I do [feel safe], it’s alright here.”

Supported Individual – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“I involve them [people] in all decision making, if they don’t want to do something they don’t have to, encouraging and empowering them to make their own decisions and respect them and not become too reliant on me.”

  Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“I involve them [people] in decision making as much as possible and respect their boundaries, give them space when they want it.”

  Consensus Colleague – Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“A person told us they liked their home and got on well with staff.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“Staff had a good understanding of what person-centred care meant and were observed talking to people
in a person-centred way.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“Where people had capacity to consent, care was planned with them to meet their needs.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019

“People were offered choices when planning and preparing their meals and staff encouraged people to
seek alternative healthy options wherever possible.”

Quote from CQC Inspection Report - October 2019