A commitment to quality for individuals, families and commissioners

Consensus is committed to delivering the highest standard of support for the individuals who live in our services and for their families and the commissioners who work with us and have a strong ethos of continuous improvement in all that we do. Our Quality Team has a clear vision and strategy with a focus on active inclusion strategies that promote the voices of the people we support to influence not only how we deliver services but how we can continue to enable the most positive outcomes for them.

We are committed to running all our services efficiently, effectively and appropriately at all times and our corporate governance arrangements and robust policies are in place to support and monitor the quality of our work. The Quality Team support our Operational Teams across the business, helping them to monitor and guide services and remedy any quality issues raised. The team take a human rights approach in everything they do and believe that continuous improvement is best achieved through co-production and consultation with staff teams and the people we support.

We have defined Quality Assurance processes and policies in place to support our service delivery, compliance and continuous improvement. This includes Quality and Compliance audits, mock Inspections and audits by our team of Quality Checkers and being highly responsive to, and managing risk, triggered through our detailed risk data processes.

Our latest Quality Report

Our Quality Report 2021 (reporting on year 2020/21) introduces our quality team and strategy and how they are working in partnership with the people we support to deliver continuous improvement. The Report also highlights our commitment to developing new services and models of care which offer people with learning disabilities greater choice and control over their lives.



“Working with individuals, their families, colleagues and other professionals we will seek to continue to develop best practice, improve communication and engagement across the organisation and to keep learning how we can do better.”

– Deborah Cotton-Soares


The Quality Team is led by Deborah Cotton-Soares, our Quality and Compliance Director who is a member of our Executive Team. Our commitment to our values and determination to continuously improve and deliver the highest quality care at all times, support the foundation of the new Quality Strategy Deborah has introduced.

Deborah and her team are instrumental in reviewing our systems, strengthening our governance and assurance processes, satisfying our regulators and supporting our operational colleagues on continued best practise. This is all with a focus on active inclusion strategies, promoting the  voices of supported individuals (through ‘Consensus Voices’)  to influence how we deliver our services.



Regular monitoring and inspection

‘Outstanding’ result for Supported Living service, Redan Street by CQC


Residential service, Cheshire House, rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC


Safety starts with our colleagues

It’s vital that the individuals we support feel safe. We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and have a range of robust measures in place to ensure a safe living environment. These range from background checks on our colleagues and on-going regular supervision and training to inspections, audits and risk assessments.

Everyone we employ undergoes a criminal record check from the Disclosure and Barring Service. This ensures that they are safe to work with vulnerable adults (and children, where appropriate). Every colleague working in a Consensus service is given the latest training to ensure their skills and knowledge are up-to-date. This includes training in safeguarding, as well as in the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs). We check our colleague’s knowledge on these fundamental areas during our internal audit process.

Here to listen to any concerns


Consensus offers an independent and free telephone helpline through Health Assured, which people – team members or supported individuals can phone if they are worried about anything that they see in their service. This service through Health Assured is available in our services and the caller doesn’t have to leave their name or details. They will speak to a real person who will log their concerns and pass them to the appropriate person within Consensus.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reducing risk

All the data in our management system that relates to accidents, incidents, complaints and inspections is analysed so we can spot any issues that may arise quickly. Any incidents that relate to challenging behaviour within our services are monitored by our Positive Behaviour Intervention Team.

We have a Quality and Risk Management Team that meets each month to discuss any potential risks in our services, and our Quality Compliance and Safeguarding Committee meets quarterly to review risks and practice. We also tap into the skills and experience of people at all levels in Consensus through our Continuous Improvement and Best Practice Steering Group. Working together with operations managers, service managers, home managers and support workers we target areas of emerging risk and create policies to minimise them.

We value your feedback

We also want to hear your feedback about your experience of our services. We enjoy hearing positive stories about our work, and receiving feedback on how we might continually improve our service. Feel free to call us or use our feedback form.