Experts in specialist interventions wherever and whenever
they are needed

Consensus has a number of experts who can work with individuals in any of our services who require complex and specialist interventions. These experts are involved right from the start of an individual’s journey with us, giving them the extra support they need and delivering specialist staff training to manage behaviour that may be considered challenging.

Dr Margaret Wilson - Autism Consultant

“It is heartening to work with our support teams: their ambition for the people they support is creating opportunities for individuals which, even a few years ago, would have been thought unrealistic.”

Dr Margaret Wilson

Autism consultant

I began working with people with autism and related conditions in the 1970s. Today I work with people with autism who are at very different life stages, from counselling couples where one or both of the partners has autism or related conditions, to working with children with autism – even running a programme for pre-school children. I also make regular visits to Romania and Togo in west Africa to support special centres for children and adolescents with learning disabilities and cognitive difference.

At Consensus I assess and make recommendations for people with autism and additional needs. I help to plan new services to ensure they’re properly resourced, and I work closely with our Positive Behaviour Intervention team.

Outside of work I… am a keen distance runner and a licensed lay minister in the Anglican church.


“We’re effective because we listen to, and understand, the people we support, helping them to turn their wishes and goals into opportunities and achievements – and an all-round better quality of life.”

Myles Kelly

Prader-Willi Syndrome Liaison Officer

I’ve worked in social care since 1986 when I began my career as a care assistant. I progressed to senior carer and then management roles supporting people with learning disabilities, many of whom were also living with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

As part of the Gretton Homes management team I manage enquiries through to admission wherever I can and I help to support the more complex and challenging placements. I act as the interface between Consensus, the PWS Association and its various associates plus medical professionals in the UK and further afield.

Recently I’ve been playing a key role in developing new PWS services, including Holland House, Weston Villa and other forthcoming developments. I’m proud that Gretton Homes, as part of Consensus, has become the UK’s market leader in providing support to adults with PWS.

Outside of work I… enjoy family time, playing golf, music, politics, film and TV.

Meet the Positive Behavioural Intervention Team

“I’m proud to be a part of such a skilled and dedicated team.”

Helen Coleman

East Anglia

Behaviour Practitioner

I have a foundation degree in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities from the Tizard Centre and I have worked in social care for seven years. I started out as a support worker for people with learning difficulties and autism and have gone on to work in a range of residential and supported living services, including specialist services for people with autism, downs syndrome, and challenging behaviour. A big part of why I enjoy my role is seeing the real difference individualised, high quality support can make to enabling someone to lead a fulfilling life.

I started working with Consensus in April 2017, primarily in the East Anglia region. I love working with the individuals we support and colleagues in our services to deliver person-centred plans for positive change.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, yoga and making home brew beer.

“I really enjoy the variety that my role at Consensus gives me.”

Taychje Paul

East Anglia

Behaviour Practitioner

I’ve been a practitioner within the fields of learning disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour for over 27 years and I’ve worked with people of all ages. Prior to joining Consensus in 2009, I supported commissioning teams within Essex Social Care in evaluating high cost care packages, as well as supporting the successful return of individuals with complex and challenging needs into specialised services.

My role at Consensus involves mentoring and supporting service teams, and providing holistic assessments for people with challenging behaviour and autism. I use positive behaviour support and applied behaviour analysis approaches to design person centred strategies.

Outside of work I… enjoy travelling and have a passion for working with horses (I’ve recently qualified in equine holistic therapy).

“I’m passionate about person-centred planning and the benefits it brings to people with learning disabilities and autism. It’s at the core of my work.”

Amber Charlton


Behaviour Practitioner

I’ve worked in social care since 1999 and studied at the Tizard Centre the leading UK academic body working in learning disability and community care. I started out as a support worker, which I loved, and I decided that I wanted to make a difference on a larger scale. The roles I’ve held have included supporting adults and children with learning disabilities, autism and mental health in a variety of residential settings.

I’ve been with Consensus since November 2015, mentoring and supporting staff and providing holistic assessments for people with challenging behaviour and autistic spectrum conditions. My biggest satisfaction is seeing people making positive changes that increase their quality of life and give them more opportunity and choice.

Outside of work I… love cooking, which I often do for friends and family, but I do enjoy eating out too.

“I’m passionate about encouraging teams to think proactively, rather than reactively, about the support they provide.”

Laura Brame


Behavioural Practitioner

I have a degree in Psychology with Child Language Development plus a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis. I worked in the care sector throughout my time at university and my first permanent full time role was in an elderly care home. Later I worked as a support worker in challenging behaviour units in the NHS as well as private organisations.

At Consensus I work closely with our services, providing person-centred intervention strategies and individual advice and training for managers and staff teams.

Outside of work I… am a keen singer with the local church choir and as part of a quartet called ‘The Larks’.

“I’m determined to support people with learning disabilities to have the best quality of life.”

Gayle Thomas


Behaviour Practitioner

I’ve worked within the fields of learning disabilities, mental health, autism and challenging behaviour in a variety of private and NHS settings. I started out supporting adults with learning disabilities who had a life time’s experience of living in long stay hospitals to move into the community. I saw how, with the right support, it was possible to make significant positive differences to people’s lives.

I’m a qualified positive behaviour management trainer and have formulated and reviewed positive behaviour support plans for individuals, giving advice and support to teams regarding safe, ethical interventions and the recording of incidents and debriefing.

Outside of work I… enjoy reading, watching films, going to gigs and enjoying good food.

“It’s so satisfying working with colleagues who are committed to making a difference and are willing to work through challenging situations to achieve positive change.”

Melanie Harmer


Behaviour Practitioner

I’ve worked in social care for 16 years: I began as an applied behaviour analysis therapist in home and school programmes with children with autism. It was fascinating learning about the science of behaviour. I later worked as a behaviour practitioner with adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues in residential and supported living services.

I’ve been with Consensus since January 2016 and my role involves doing initial assessments of people joining our services, and working with staff teams, managers, external professionals and family members to support individuals in our services based in the north. I love seeing the positive impact that I make on teams, helping them to enhance their practice and understanding of individuals to reduce behaviours that challenge and improve an individual’s quality of life.

Outside of work I… enjoy time to myself, whether that’s reading, working in my garden or cooking. My trips back home to Malaysia are times I treasure too.