Local teams committed to delivering the highest quality

Our Operations Team is structured to ensure best practice and compliance across the organisation and within our services. Our many services are spread across the UK. As a result, we’ve evolved a seamless structure that promotes effective and fast communication and action

The team is extremely proactive, getting to know the colleagues and individuals in all our services as well as the local commissioners and sector partners in their local areas. All our service and senior managers receive mandatory training in providing a truly person centred approach. This enables them to instil this approach into everything they do, enabling them to support individuals to explore their interests, develop their skills and make decisions about how they want their life to be.


“I’m a firm believer in the statement that ‘the standard you walk past is the standard you accept’. For us to make a positive difference in people’s lives we must deliver support to a high standard and never walk past anything that is unacceptable.”

Peter Snelling

Director of Operations

I have worked in the health and social care sector for over 30 years. Initially I trained as a nurse and then as a social worker. I have managed care homes for older people and for people with a learning disability. I’ve been a registration and inspection officer with a local authority in Scotland and have worked with a specialist Scottish housing association providing services for older people. I have also spent a decade working for a major provider of services for people with a learning disability.

I wanted to work for Consensus because of the organisation’s standing as a leading provider of care services. It has a strong value base: the people it supports are central to how the organisation works. In my role, I play a key part in ensuring that we do the best for the people we support and are always striving to improve. While the social care sector is experiencing very tough times, by working with the people we support, their families, and with key stakeholders we can develop, grow and sustain great services.

Outside of work I… like to play squash a few times a week. I enjoy watching rugby and spending time with my family.

“The people we support are at the centre of everything Consensus does, and this is demonstrated by the way we approach every aspect of care. I love seeing the people we support, and our colleagues, develop and achieve their aims.”

Karen Parker

Divisional Director – South, South West and Wales

My grandmother owned an older people’s care home, so from a young age I was involved in the activities and spent time with the residents. I loved the environment, helping people and making a difference, and I was determined to make a career in social care.

After moving to Wales, I worked in a residential service for people with a learning disability and challenging behaviour. I was in awe of the support team, how they understood each person’s triggers and knew exactly what approach to take if an individual was displaying challenging behaviour. I was inspired to support people in the same way.

I realised that, to really make a positive change, I needed to become a service manager, which is what I did. I then became an area manager and then a regional director. I worked at Tracscare (Accomplish Group) for 25 years and, by the end of my time there, was overseeing 86 services as well as business development.

I was attracted to this role with Consensus because it enables me to be very hands-on and visible in the services. I’m supporting the managers and their teams to do their best for the people we support. I have a strong belief in never settling for ‘good enough’: quality, compliance and continuous improvement are all-important.

Outside of work I… love restoring VW Beetles and campervans. My husband and I go to VW shows all over the country. I’m also known as a bit of a planner among my friends, so I’m usually the one who ends up organising group trips and holidays.

“I joined Consensus for its passion to support people to achieve the best possible lives. When I met the team, I thought ‘this is somewhere I can belong’. I knew I could use my skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive difference.”

Allyson Kay 

Divisional Director – East of England & London

I started out as a carer in an older people’s residential home, caring for those who were living with dementia. I soon realised that I wanted to work with people with more complex needs, particularly individuals who were finding it a challenge to get the support they needed. It wasn’t long before I made the switch to working in social care for people with learning disabilities.

I’ve spent three decades in this sector: as a Support Worker, a Registered Manager, and I’ve had regional and national operational roles and I’ve been a Managing Director. Before joining Consensus in 2018, I worked for another provider as deputy director of learning disability & autism services covering London and the South East. I relish the chance to grow services to better support people with complex needs. I also enjoy helping individuals and colleagues to grow and develop.

Outside of work I… love spending time with my husband and three grown up children, we have two beautiful dogs called Finn and Logan and I also have a passion for horse riding and photography.