A new way to communicate supports M’s wellbeing and sense of fun!

June 11, 2018

Consensus encourage colleagues across the business to broaden their skills and develop their knowledge. As part of our values base we are supportive of both colleagues and individuals alike to take opportunities to learn, develop and grow.

Whilst doing just this, a support worker from The Grange discovered a new way to help one supported individual record and reflect his life with results that showed improved wellbeing and memory recall. Below our support worker is pleased to share how just one simple activity can bring so much enjoyment.

“Back in November 2017, I went to visit a provider in Laugharne with our Speech and Language Therapist. Whilst we were there sharing good practice, we watched a film about supported individuals completing their own diaries with support and how this has been shown to improve wellbeing, memory and sense of self.”

“I instantly thought of M a supported individual from The Grange who moved in during September 2012. M has complex needs and really loves socialising, doing jigsaws and puzzles. He really likes to chat with the support team, is very funny and likes to make jokes and poke fun at the team!”

“On my return to The Grange I spoke with some of the team that support M and we all agreed it would be a great idea for him. I purchased a scrap book and a box to keep it in with lots of other communication aids inside and together we started work with M on his diary. From the first moment we got out the glue and glitter and put his name on the front of his diary we could see that M was really interested in talking about his day and putting entries in with support from the team.”

“A few days in to this pilot I asked M if I could look through his diary with him and he was very pleased to share it with me. I read back to him his entries and he became very happy and animated.”

His diary is now a part of his daily life at The Grange and he very much enjoys sharing his daily entries with his parents and other visitors at The Grange as well as the support team.”

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