A quote from a parent whose son lives at Moor Lane

April 3, 2012


*names have been changed to protect privacy

“In November, Chris and Mayer took my 24 year old son, Peter on a ‘lads’ holiday to Amsterdam.

Peter suffers from spastic quadriplegia, is tube fed, he communicates by eye pointing and he is not continent. Peter needs constant care, uses a supportive seat in a wheelchair and is dependent on others for every aspect of his life. He is bright, intelligent, full of life and always ‘up for fun’. As Peter’s mother, I had long believed that Peter’s access to life experiences would be severely restricted by his disabilities and his dependence would be on others to facilitate his life. I do not know all the details of Peter’s holiday. What lad of 24 would want his mum to know what he got up to on holiday?!! I do know that Peter had a wonderful, memorable experience.

Chris and Mayer went as two young men who made sure that another young man had a real ‘adult’ experience which his parents or family would simply not have been able to provide. In doing this for Peter both of them went far beyond what might reasonably be expected of carers. They were full of enthusiasm and energy, undertaking a long journey by car and rail, looking after Peter night and day whilst far from home. They made sure he had the holiday of a lifetime and they took great care of him too.

Peter’s father and I cannot find the words to express our admiration and gratitude to Chris and Mayer. They have done something marvellous for our beloved boy and we will never be able to thank them enough. Peter got to enjoy a ‘lads’ holiday and that is just marvellous. These two young men helped Peter to overcome the barriers which his disabilities put in his path. They both deserve reward and recognition for having made a remarkable and profound difference to a young man’s life. Peter has had a holiday he will never forget.

I have no hesitation in recommending Chris, Mayer and Moor Lane for the highest award or accolade available. They are an asset to their employers and make an extraordinary effort to care for the service users in their charge.”

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