A film star for the day! John shares his experience of taking part in our Quality video

October 31, 2018

John Leicester supported James Allen (Managing Director of Consensus from 2005 to February 2019) and the Consensus Marketing Team to create a new video bringing to life Consensus’ first Quality Report .We asked John to share his experience, so in his own words here’s what John thought about the whole experience.

What did you enjoy John?

“I was happy with the support that was there, this made it fun and enjoyable rather than nerve racking!

“I was all ready for talking. I enjoyed the filming location, talking to the film crew learning about what they were doing. It was great filming with James, because I get on really well with him and he made me feel comfortable and that I was really helping out. Really, I just enjoyed feeling like a film star and the dinner that James brought after!”

What was your involvement?

“Before the day, I had an email asking if I would like to take part in this, of course I said yes, can’t turn down the opportunity to be a film star, ha-ha!

“To prepare, we read through the Consensus Quality Report and James came out of his way to come visit me at The Links Day Centre to discuss what would be spoke about and brief run through which I really appreciated because I like to know what is going to happen so my nerves don’t get the better of me.

“I arrived at the studio where we would be filming, I was nervous, I cannot lie about that!

“The Spark Media crew were really nice, and they explained what was going to happen throughout the day, alongside James, Lynne and Sabrina. I was happy with the support that was there, this made it fun and enjoyable rather than nerve racking. I was given a sheet of paper with all the information and the questions that I had to answer, so I began a run through with my PA. This helped to calm me down and feel more confident.

“Next, I was asked to sit on this really high chair and I mean HIGH. I should have asked for a ladder! I’m sure it was funny to watch. However, I was reassured a lot as I was beginning to get nervous again with the camera in my face. I liked the filming location, it was an old shoe factory made into a studio/home. I heard James which made me feel better, so my nerves gently went away, only because I remembered he’ll be doing it too, so I could laugh when it was his turn. Joking aside, it was great filming with James.

“The crew asked me if I was comfortable and happy, I said yes but reminded them to get my good side. The filming began!”


“They asked me questions such as what I do with Consensus, about my audits I do when I visit the homes, and my personal life too. It was all informal and relaxed. I hope that I got across that Consensus have gave me a life and opportunities that I never thought I’d have.”

Was it challenging?

“What I found challenging, was that I was so excited but there was lots going on. The bright lights and that uncomfortable chair! Which is why I found it hard to concentrate at times because I was so nervous and wanted to do such a good job.”

What do you think about being involved with projects like this?

“I feel very proud of myself. I love the fact that Consensus invites me along to these events and projects. I like how I get to say my opinions and my experiences as someone who has lived through it all, that’s why I’m known as the Expert by Experience. I hope that it gives others inspiration to not let disabilities hold them back and achieve anything; big or small. During the projects I learn a lot of things I might not have known, and I like that and be able to go back and say … ‘did you know….’ Ha-ha.”

We think you will agree once you have watched the video that John and James did a brilliant job.

Thank you, John for your work on this video, from everyone in the Marketing Team!