A fascinating day meeting Guide Dogs for the Blind in Cheltenham

June 28, 2018

A few people supported at Holland House and Bannigans in Corby, Northamptonshire, visited the Guide Dogs for the Blind Training Centre at Leamington Spa.

When this trip was suggested by team Co-ordinator Joann Gavin they jumped at the chance to go as all are animal lovers. During the visit they were given talks about the history of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Charity and how they go about training the Guide Dogs.

Katie, who is supported by the team, said she really enjoyed listening to the real-life stories of how having a guide dog has affected people. Laetitia took part in some role play, illustrating how it would feel to be blind and Geraldine, who is a bit scared of dogs got up close to a guide dog and stroked it. Support Worker Michelle Colson said this was the highlight of the trip for her.

The puppies are looked after within people’s homes with volunteers who are trained in how to socialise the puppies before they are then allocated to the blind person. The dogs training needs vary dependent on the person for whom they are intended; for example, a blind gentleman who was also wheelchair bound – his dog also needed to be able to open doors for him. The talks and the trip were fascinating.


Photo credited to Courtney Prather_431838_unsplash

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