A CREATIVE SOLUTION to a creative problem at residential service De Parys

February 25, 2021

For Service Manager, Bruno Barbosa and the team at De Parys in Bedford, creative problem solving is an intrinsic part of the way they support individuals to achieve the goals that are important to them. When Brian, one of the individuals who lives at De Parys wanted to find a COVID safe way to show off the amazing artwork he has been producing since the first lockdown, Bruno immediately came up with just the idea!

Brian has always enjoyed expressing himself through art and loves to spend time colouring intricate designs as it helps to relax him. During the COVID lockdown, Brian spent more time on his colouring activities and Bruno would support him to find interesting art designs that he liked on the internet and print them out so that he could colour them in. By the end of the first lockdown, he was really proud to have completed over 30 designs and wanted to share his work with his friends at the day centre that he attends.

Brian’s brilliant artwork!

After the easing of the first lockdown last Spring, Bruno and the team were keen to support Brian to do this, but due to COVID 19 did not feel it was safe for Brian to take the actual colouring with him to the day centre, where they could be handled by multiple people and potentially pose an infection risk. Instead, Bruno thought about other ways that they could support Brian to achieve his goal and came up with the idea of supporting Brian to set up his very own website where he could upload his colourings and then send the link to his friends to view online.

When Bruno suggested this to Brian, he was really keen on the idea. Bruno found a website template online and supported Brian as he decided on the website layout, its colours and design and then supported Brian to upload all his artwork on to the website. Brian was delighted with the finished result and Bruno helped him to send round the link to the website to the day centre to share with his friends.

Within five minutes of sending around the link, Brian received his first response, praising him for his wonderful artwork. At first, he was really surprised and in awe that people were able to see his website and respond with their feedback so quickly. He was really happy and proud to share all his designs and is keen to finish and upload more of his artwork as soon as he can!

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