A change of plan can work out well

August 14, 2018

Summer time activities for supported individuals at The Gables can be somewhat restricted, due to health complications and the limited options of fun places to go with wheelchairs in East Anglia. With this in mind, the support team work with supported individuals to find appropriate outings that suit both their health requirements and their personal interests. Luckily, many of the individuals share the same outlook for trips out and love a day at the seaside or at a stately home; so are able to go out together and enjoy a full day out supported by members of the team.

On this occasion, a plan had been made to take a trip out to Sandringham for a nice long walk around the grounds and to have a picnic. On route to Sandringham, a road accident occurred resulting in lots of traffic sitting in stationery queues towards Sandringham. Colleagues spoke to the trio supported about alternative options, and they decided that instead they would head to Wells-on-Sea, another favourite location for people supported at The Gables.

Thankfully, Wells-on-Sea is very wheelchair friendly, has a nice sea breeze, perfect for hot days, and has a great fish and chip shop, in addition to an ice cream stall! So off they meandered… sun cream, hats and drinks at the ready.

Because of the quick thinking of the team, they were able to offer the three being supported some great alternatives so their day was not spent in the sweltering heat of the van waiting for traffic to move. Even better was that they got to visit the sea again this summer on a glorious day.

Colleagues were able to do this for those supported because of their in depth understanding, knowledge and experience of working with them for several years. It is not always easy to arrange for individuals to have a whole day out such as this, and in the past, they may have chosen to turn the van around and return home. It is great that they made the last-minute decision to adapt their plans and accommodate all three people in this activity. They had such a great day out and slept very well that night.

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